Fire Safety Staff Training

Clyde Safety can provide Fire Safety Staff Training, essential for keeping your workplace safe from only £180 per training session (minimum of 10 staff) – see our Price List for details.

What does Fire Safety Staff Training entail?

Clyde Safety will provide you and your staff with a two-hour presentation that is designed to provide candidates with the basic knowledge required of them to ensure an appropriate response in the event of a fire incident in their premises.  
The course content is delivered in an easy to understand format from experienced safety instructors, and will allow staff to: Be aware of how fires start and spread
Have an understanding of human behaviour in a fire situation
Have an understanding of  fire precautions in premises
Be aware of the actions to be taken in the event of a fire
Be able to identify, select and operate portable fire extinguishers

Why does my business need Fire Safety Staff Training?

Current fire safety legislation places a duty upon employers to ensure that your employees receive adequate fire safety training when they are first employed and periodically thereafter.
An appropriate and timely response by motivated and well trained staff in an emergency situation could mean the difference between someone losing their life or a business closing down.
Having well trained staff who are equipped with an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding of fire and its consequences is an asset to any business and a demonstration by the employer, of your commitment toward the education and protection of your workforce and those who may visit your premises.

Why choose Clyde Safety?

Clyde Safety can provide training at your workplace which will take approximately two hours and will include a practical demonstration on the safe use of portable firefighting equipment during which staff will be invited to participate.
The training will cover:

1.   Fire safety legislation

2.   Theory of combustion

3.   The causes of fire

4.   Fire risk assessment

5.   Fire safety measures

6.  Evacuation procedures

7.  Portable fire equipment

8. Practical demonstration

At the end of the training session companies will be presented with certification to demonstrate that staff have been trained to required standards to deal with fire in the workplace.

What’s next?

By choosing Clyde Safety you can be assured of receiving competitive prices and a professional service from fully qualified staff.
To receive your no obligation free quotation, please contact us.